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In recent times, coworking spaces have been growing pretty largely among freelancers of all fields, solo employees, entrepreneurs, and even university students who look for a peaceful place to study better.

If you want to know the numbers of the growth of shared workspaces, just consider that the industry has grown at an impressive rate of 200% over the past 5 years. It's a really quick and strong growth and it explains easily how shared workspaces passed from being unusual places for only a very tiny group of professionals to become one of the most appealing alternatives to traditional offices.

Work While Enjoying Your Time

There are also a variety of reasons why more and more people look for a coworking space around. We just mention only the most popular like a wide range of amenities, in-home services, several different membership plans, cheap prices, different desk models, flexibility, and more.

Probably, the most attractive fact about coworking spaces is that you can achieve better results as you are more likely to maintain your concentration on your work when being in a coworking space. This is due to the fact that you are surrounded by people who are each deeply focused on their work. As a consequence, you tend to follow the general "mood" around yourself, which should work to explain why professionals who choose a coworking space are averagely more productive and quicker than when working in a regular office.

There's also another big consequence – you can use your time and take advantage of it just the way you want. You may take frequent breaks from your work and reach a newspaper or an online magazine. But you may also want to check your email inbox or just have fun with games at this no deposit casino. You have several options, as you can see. Consider that every coworking space company offers in-home amenities like a café where you can also eat something tasty during your breaks.

Is It Really For You?shared workspaces

However, one of the most important questions that you should ask yourself is about your needs and expectations. Analyze them to see if the coworking space alternative is really the best option for you. Of course, the benefits that we've just listed above make up for choosing a coworking space membership immediately, but we believe you should dive into the topic a little more, so you are sure you are doing the right thing for yourself.

  1. Memberships and packages
    Today's coworking space companies offer a large variety of different packages and membership plans. You should take your time to study what plan fits your needs better. Consider that every membership comes with a series of included services and amenities, like ultra-speed internet connection, IT and maintenance support, network connection, and a lot more. Also, each membership plan comes at a specific price depending on how many services you can access through it.

  2. Types of space
    When it comes to coworking space, you have to know that we mean a large variety of different types of space. Basically, there are three types of desks that you can choose from (flexible desk, fixed desk, cabin space). Each type of space responds to specific work styles and needs. The flexible desk is the cheapest of all desks, it's usually chosen by freelancers. At the end of the day, you have to pack your stuff before leaving it. The fixed desk sounds like the best option as you can use a reserved desk that is allotted to you only according to your schedule. The cabin space looks more like a sort of personal office as only you can access it (you and your team if you have people working with you).

  3. Locationpeople at a shared table
    Although there are several coworking space companies out there, you should always take some time to look for what you can find nearby your place. Make sure the coworking space isn't too far from your home otherwise you'll spend on transportation more than you expect. Also, look for what is around the coworking space, like restaurants, shops, entertainment, and other amenities that you may want to complete your work experience.

  4. Flexibility
    It's one of the biggest benefits of choosing a coworking space. However, make sure the place you choose is enough flexible to fit your work needs. Consider also your future needs (work timings may vary from time to time). See if the workspace you get looks enough comfortable for you (for example, avoid a desk just in front of the cafeteria or you'll get distracted too often). The concept is that the coworking space should accommodate your work needs minimizing any waste of time and mental concentration.