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During the past two decades, the world of employment has been going through big changes so what we can see today is a very different employment market than we were used to in the past.

As a consequence, even the way we consider the concepts of “job” and “work” is rapidly changing. If you need an example, just think that in the US alone, about 53 million people work as freelancers via the internet. Moreover, it’s been calculated that by 2020 at least 50% of the working force in the US will consist of freelancers.

a freelancerFreelancers Lead The New Employment Market

Basically, working as a freelancer means to work “on-demand”, which might become a seriously good opportunity if you are skilled enough to handle multiple projects for multiple clients at the same time. Reactive approach and a good skill to understand each client’s needs are two essential elements to work as a freelancer.

Above all, a perfect place to concentrate and work is also essential to every freelancer. In this regard, the growth of coworking spaces emerges as an important aspect of the current employment market.

In fact, freelancers need an appropriate place where they can access technological innovation while keeping a good level of flexibility. Coworking spaces look not only highly professional place where to work, but they do also offer important benefits, which explains the rapidly growing success of such working places.

Benefits Of Working In A Coworking Space

There are significant reasons why more and more freelancers decide to choose a coworking space instead of staying at home and work from there. And, at the same time, there are important aspects that encourage new investors to start a business in the coworking space industry.

  1. Flexibilitycoworking space
    This is possibly the most attractive feature of coworking spaces. You can choose a contract according to your working needs (for example, once a week, twice a week or X hours a day) and you pay consequently. Moreover, the contracts can be adapted month by month, which ensures each freelancer a perfect alignment between their professional needs and the coworking space company’s offerings.

  2. All-inclusive features
    A very comfortable feature of coworking spaces is that you find all that you need in an all-inclusive membership fee. This means that you won’t have to pay extra fees for accessing specific technologies or devices.

  3. Stimulating environment
    According to freelancers who choose coworking spaces, a great aspect of working in a place that isn’t yours and where you can find other freelancers is productivity. When you are among people who are fully dedicated to their work, even if they aren’t cooperating, you too feel easier to find the right mental focus on your own job. Fewer wastes of time, more productivity means to work faster and better.

  4. Skill development
    In a coworking space, you may meet potential clients or you may enjoy sharing experiences with other freelancers in your field or even in a different field. You may, for example, meet web developers or video makers or translators who might want to share their skills and teach you something or help you in any aspect of your own job.

  5. Creativity increasequiet coworking space
    It’s been seen that freelancers who choose coworking spaces are more likely to develop their creativity. Original ideas are a crucial aspect for numerous jobs: when you are in a place that “naturally” encourages you to give your best, then creativity comes up on its own!

  6. Personal and professional life
    It’s important to be able to separate private life and professional life. As long as you can have different spaces for each of them, you will be able to enjoy your time at home with your family and, on the other hand, to work in the fullness of your mental skills and focus when at the coworking space.

  7. Location
    This is a reason why coworking spaces are performing very well in the market of jobs. The companies that manage such professional spaces choose strategical locations, like the center of a city where public means of transportation are enough good. This enables more freelancers to reach the coworking space in a reasonably fast and simple way,

The basic idea is to make freelancers avoid reaching the coworking space by car. Although in some places, cars are the only means of transportation to get to the coworking space.

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