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Before to jump into a new venture it's always recommended to get information about the pros and the cons that you will have to face on your path. The same goes for when you think that a new workplace would fit your professional needs better than your actual workplace.

There's actually nothing more important than an ideal environment where to work or study in all safety and quietness. Recently, the commercial boom of coworking spaces has been attracting numerous new users who see in coworking spaces their ultimate solution.

Features Of Coworking Spaces And Their Pros And Cons

Well, the bottom line is: how much do you really know coworking spaces? Are you sure you know all their pros and cons? It's crucial to be informed in advance about what you will experience with coworking spaces that will help you avoid bad situations and, at the same time, it will help you boost your experience feeling in harmony with the coworking space.

  1. Remote work
    PRO:  If you are a remote worker, probably you will find coworking spaces to be the ideal place for you. However, a large number of online business owner also agree that coworking spaces are excellent for their professional purposes.
    CON:  Other types of employees might have serious difficulties to stay in a shared workplace with strangers who come and go independently and who work individually on their own tasks. There's little or no "team spirit".coworking spaces

  2. Travel
    PRO:  If your remote job keeps you traveling very often, you are pretty lucky because you can easily find coworking spaces all over the world (unless you have to move to very small towns).
    CON:  Make sure to know the local rules to ensure a positive experience with the other remote workers in the coworking space, especially if you are going overseas.

  3. Working among people
    PRO:   According to most psychologists, when you work among other people you have serious chances to become more productive. The power of the environment plays a relevant role in every individual worker in a coworking space.
    CON:  Working among people might be a source of distraction for some workers. Sounds, whispers, sound of footsteps and of typing fingers are most common factors that take your attention away from your work.

  4. Privacy
    PRO:  If you are familiar with the idea of sharing your own spaces with other people, you might not have any problem in a coworking space. You will certainly enjoy the chance to share the same space and possibly make new friends on the spot.
    CON:  For most people the lack of privacy is the biggest deal-breaker. You might feel under dozens of strangers' eyes and you might seriously miss the privacy of your home.

  5. Costs
    PRO:  Coworking spaces have their strongest point in the prices. It's usually a price that everyojne can afford, which explains why these shared workplaces are gaining a larger room in the world. In addition to a desk, you are offered many more services and you can also buy extra services depending from the coworking space company.
    CON:  Paying to work somewhere out of your home might not be the best solution from a financial point of view. Moreover, once you buy a plan, you might feel pressed to use the space otherwise it will be all wasted money.

  6. Type of environment
    PROS:  Since the industry of coworking spaces is developing, you have plenty of choice as to type, size and style of the space. There are small spaces, larger ones, there are modern styled spaces along with classical spaces… it's up to your tastes!
    CON:  Because in a coworking space you are not alone, your device might not have the necessary amount of internet connection to work as fast as you need, especially if the coworking space is a large one where the connection is seriously dispersed all through the space.

  7. Flexibility
    PRO:  You can signup for flexible plans, where your worktime doesn't have to be the same everyday. You are free to manage yourself and your work in accordance to the plan that you've chosen.
    CON:  If you are a more consistent worker, you might not like to be in a place where other people come and go without a rule. That can distract your attention all the time.

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