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If youa��ve been waiting to bite the bullet and join in on Coworking in New York nowa��s the time to do it.A� Some would say whata��s the big fuss withA�coworking spaces. Here are some of the reasons you should be looking into becoming a member of a coworking space.

Being in a community with other entrepreneurs is more enlightening than working by yourself. Youa��ll get way more work done in less time. There are many advantages in getting to know your fellow colleagues as they might be able to provide you with valuable knowledge and experiences they may have had in their pursuit of growth. Instead of being stuck in the rut on one problem you may encounter ita��s always nice to know someone around who may very well have the solution youa��re looking for. Your connections will grow and the opportunities around are endless. Who knows you may just find your next client or even your next best friend.

Flexibility and amenitiesA�included in a coworking space. Whether you’re just starting up and looking to get a space for one or you’re a company of six, there’s an affordable coworking space for your needs. You’ll find common areas, conference rooms, and phone booths that’ll be readily accessible to you. You won’t have to worry about the operational side of having your own office. All the amenities will be taken careA�of including coffee, tea, printing and copying machines, mail and package handling, office furniture and the most important wired and wireless internet to keep connected. You’ll be less distracted by the background issues and will be able to focus more on growing your business.

Events and programming that takeA�place in the coworking community. Coworking spaces host seminars, events, and workshops that benefit theirA�members in their business growth. Whether ita��s a midday session with an in-house designer, a fellow community member offering guidance, a lawyer having a workshop on taxes, or a networking event, these coworking events can advance your progress professionally in many ways. On the other end, they also provide other events such as yoga and meditation, happy hours, and lunch and learns which is aA�great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs.A�

For all these reasons if you’ve been thinking about joining a coworking space but haven’t yet, you should definitely be looking into becoming a member of one.A�Coworking is a way to have it all even if youa��re just getting started or if you already have a set business.A�A�Kin Spaces is an affordable coworking space in NYC.A�We are located in the heart of SoHo, the central hub of New York City for artists, designers, and hip young entrepreneurs, so you are guaranteed to be inspired and motivated by those around you. We’re happy to be a part of the scene of shared office space in NYC.