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Shared office space with a variety of people working in a variety of realms can be amazing, with the constant creative vibe, the flow of ideas, and the chance to learn more about different industries. But if done incorrectly, it can be an unpleasant place to work. Here are some tips to keep the coworking environment work-friendly.



Make it your own! You are paying for the space, so personalized it a bit. Add some pictures of family and friends, bring a favorite poster or wall art to put up. This will help you work better, as you feel more at home and comfortable then in your space.

Do bounce ideas. Many times those you are sharing the space with have brilliant ideas to help better your company. And share yours as well! Sometimes it takes an outsider to help provide get your creative juices flowing a�� especially when you are having an idea block.

Do take advantage of the connections. There are so many unique individuals, from so many unique industries. Network with them and build a relationship. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a job offer from them in a few years from now! The networking doesn’t have to be super “official,” it can be as simple as grabbing lunch with someone or chatting while getting a cup of coffee in the morning in the communal kitchen.



First and foremost, you are sharing the space. Don’t bring the mess you may have at home to the office. Especially in a shared space. Everyone knows that a little bit of clutter leads to more and more clutter. Keep it clean and organized, and everyone will be happy. Nobody wants to share and office or desk with someone who can’t throw out their old take-out or leaves trash on the table.

Don’t be overly talkative. Now, talking is good a�� it creates a connection between you and another worker. But the reason why you are there is for working purposes. Don’t ruin someone’s workday by chatting their head off for hours on end.

Likewise, be considerate about your phone calls. Don’t constantly talk on the phone at your desk. Once in a while it’s fine, but if each phone call you have is answered and completed in your office, those you are sharing the office with will surely be distracted from their work, as much as they are trying to tune you out.


Overall, you may be coworking for a variety of reasons, but most definitely, you want to grow your business. By being aware of your actions and confronting other about theirs, you and all those around will have the tools to succeed.