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As we say goodbye to 2017 we reflect on what we’ve accomplished and have yet to accomplish this year. As every year ends and a new year approaches it’s time to start a clean slate and reaffirm your goals. New Year’sA�resolutionsA�whether you hate them or love them have always been a staple in the minds of everyone. Here are a few resolutions to get you started on improving your personal and professional life in the new year.

Raise Your Productivity

The start of a new year is always a fresh and exciting time. You have a jolt of motivation to really push and strive for your goals. It is no secret that your environment truly effects your mood. Making sure that you are working in an environment, like a coworking space, with all it’s benefits, is one way to make sure your set to be more productive and even achieve a new perspective on your work. One example of how you can better your work environment and thus raise your productivity is by making sure you are in a coworking space, like Kin Spaces, which gives you and other entrepreneurs a sense of community. The community that you become part of once you join a coworking space is made up of creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups. This community is not only a venue for collaboration, but it also gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with others who love what they do. Being in a coworking space can inspire you to become more creative and productive.A� Collaborating with your peers in a coworking space allows you to receive advice and new perspectives that you would not usually get in a regular office setting.A�This can greatly improve your productivity and keep you on a path of accomplishing your goals for the year.


Maintain a work/life balance

Coworking spaces all around the country are helping people maintain a successful work-life balance. Whether it’s the Yoga/Meditation sessions, nap rooms, and after work events.A�If you’ve ever felt overworked you should commit yourself to taking a little break. Being in a coworking space allows you to connect to people outside of your company. Get to know the people around you and make friends. You’ll be refreshed and energized and ready to get back to crushing it.

Set your Goals

Coworking spaces, A�like Kin Spaces, A�bring you into a community where you’re able to share your goals and achievements. In addition, in a coworking space you can share your goals with others and thus be held accountable to meeting them – whether it just a friendly jab from your office mate down the hall or the community manager, there is always someone who is interested in making sure you achieve what you set out to achieve. Also, you should set your goals early in the year and have milestones along the way. A good way of doing this is setting short, mid, and long term goals.A� Writing these goals down also makes them 80% more likely to happen, so write them down.A� You want to be clearly able to see the big picture in your head. With small stepping stones you’ll have that sense of accomplishment that will push you towards hitting your mid and long term goals.A� So set your goals early, have long and short term goals, write them down, tell your coworkers and be clear.A�

Most of all keep going, keep going, keep going. Share your thoughts with your coworking community and know that with their support you will have a great start to the new year.