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The most common benefit you can enjoy from work these days is probably the multi-sport card, and this is great. Why wouldn’t it be? You get to visit multiple sporting facilities and really do what you love to do. You don’t have to be a sporting person to like tennis, basketball or swimming – those are awesome activities that you can almost always do by yourself.

Speaking of things that you can do by yourself, work can be one of those things. Hence, the biggest benefit employees actually ache for is not the multi-sport card, but rather the ability to work remotely and choose their own hours.

Working from Home – Do You See the Upsides?

Let’s be honest here. Everyone has thought about not going to work on at least a dozen of occasions. Driving there, being forced to have lunch with people you barely know, or even the time it takes you to get to the office are sometimes seen as negatives, which affect productivity.

Yet, there is an alternative – the home office. Companies that work in specific sectors, including IT and outsourcing have become very good at hiring people remotely. The benefits to that have been immense to all parties, and they include:

  • Saving office space and expenses

  • Flexibility for the employees

  • No more time wasted in travelling

  • Ability to take better care of yourself

  • Flexible working hours

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get up and get down to work instead of wasting over two hours in commuting or getting to the office? This way you can be done with work by 3 in the afternoon, rather than having to leave the office at 4 or 5 and then spend another hour getting back.

As well, when employees work from home, they can do a bit of the house work and prepare meals for themselves as they work. Smart employers know that this is okay. Anyone who works behind a computer needs at least five minutes break every 45 minutes. This is time that adds up and can be used to rest.

Employers know that their employees need to recharge often and if that saves the employee time in doing things around the house later on and helps hem stay more productive, then everyone is happy.

Other than that, work from home saves you quite a bit of expenses, including gas and food money. Last, but not least, the fact that you work from home doesn’t mean that you aren’t entitled to a multi-sport card, which is a great way to top off the entire benefits package.

Are You Missing Out on Sharing Working Space with Others?

Conversely, there are those people who are keen on being around others. The office talk, the lunch breaks and the general environment which presupposes productivity come very handy for certain type of people.

When left to their own devices,certain employees are just not good at organizing their time. This is through no fault of theirs, though. Some habits take time to be uprooted. Imagine yourself looking for the best money games in Canada. You will always look into the lotteries first, for example, and then perhaps entertain the idea of playing something like bingo. There are more opportunities to tun a profit, thigh, and that includes online casinos, for example.

In any event, the point here is that a certain type of employee loves structure. There is no shame in that either. Still, the best types of employers will always encourage employees to alternate. Whether they are in the office or at home, they can be trusted, is what most employers would try to communicate to the people they have hired. As it turns out, trusting your employees will boost their productivity and loyalty.

Treats, not punishment or fear help companies build a good working envrionment – whether at home or in the office. With this being said, the future of business will be way more personalized and emphasizing on employees well-being.

Work As You See Fit

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you to decide whether you want to go to the office when given the opportunity to work from home. However, you shouldn’t dismiss the benefits that come with working with others. There is the added benefit of collaborating with people who are probably just as smart as yourself. Besides, having the opportunity to bond with others at work will land an additional meaning to what you do for a living.