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When you walk into a place what catches your eye? What’s the appeal and aestheticA�of it? You may not realize it but we all have a certain taste. It’s what dazzles us, what becomes us, and welcomes us. Design is a huge open field of ideas and personalization. It’s found in fashion, technology, media, architecture, and more. When you first walk into a coworking space there’s no doubt that you’re going to notice it’s interior design and furnishings. You’ll feel a certain way about the space without having been in it for very much time. These first impressionsA�are a huge deal.A�

Kin Spaces was designed in a way to create a tight-knit community fostering creativity and collaboration.A�A�The first thing you notice when you step into our space is the communal area. The communal area has stadium seating to host an event, meeting or discussion. The stadium seating is outfitted with plush, textured patterned and colored pillows and cushions. A Kin member can sit at the stadium seating and choose one of our marble side tables to work on their laptop or have a coffee. Additionally, the communal area has high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows expanding the whole width of the space.

The height of the ceilings and the windows allow for tons of natural light to come in so if you choose, you can get all that Vitamin D that is lost when one is working for long hours without sunlight. One of our members designed the mural which is located above the stadium seating – abstract in design if one looks closely they can see the 3 faces in the mural to signify people, collaboration, and community. We also have a bookcase outfitted with motivational books and numerous other tables to work on or have lunch at. The communal area is designed with wood and white wall foundation and this is carried throughout the space and offices.A�

The offices have sliding wood and glass doors. The glass is just the right amount of clarity to foster community amongst your peers and Kin at Kin Spaces. In addition, the size of our space/offices is larger than that of almost every single coworking space in SoHo, NY. You get more for your dollar! Our bathrooms are designed with Versace palm tree wallpaper and outfitted with music for a fun atmosphere while you go :). When you step out of the bathroom the kitchen carries out the green theme with green subway tile, brass and wood and white seating. Kin Spaces an ideal setting for working and meeting new people in the community.A�

Kin means family and that is exactly what we strive for. Our messaging and branding is something that we truly believe.A� We have no doubt in our mind that you will leave Kin Spaces with a lasting good impression of coworking. If you have any questions feel free to call at 877-394-8617 or email us