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One thing for sure, New York City is one of the best places to start a business a�� and succeed. With the endless amount of resources surrounding the area, ita��s turning into the next Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs.

Slice: If therea��s one food New Yorkers love, ita��s pizza. And thata��s exactly what went through founder Ilir Selaa��s mind when creating this app. Much like Seamless, Slice is a pizza order service, where you enter your order into the app for an easy and quick pickup. The great thing about this service is that all the restaurants are local pizzerias as opposed to chains.

ClassPass: This popular service allows you to purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to utilize various gym classes throughout greater New York City. With access to more than 8,000 studios around the area, the company has brought in many members. The company has expanded to over 33 cities around the world.

Compass: This luxury brokerage company produces high quality content and information relating to apartments in several large cities around the United States. The company offers significantly lower broker fees compare to traditional brokers. In fact, there have been multiple lawsuits against the for that very reason a�� taking away business from traditional brokers.

Via: $5 rides anywhere in Manhattan? Thata��s what Via offers. This Uber-inspired company allows for less expensive options for transportation, and is available in Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. Within certain areas of these cities, there are flat rates, so you dona��t need to worry about traffic or distance adding the cost of the ride.

SeatGeek: For those looking for good deals on entertainment tickets, this app is for you. The service locates great deals on tickets for music concerts, theater, sports games, and much more.

Casper: Casper is a company that directly sells mattresses to the customers. This lowers the overhead costs that are associated with a showroom. Another bonus with this company is the shipping. Each mattress is conveniently packed into a box for a seamless delivery.


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