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No matter if you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or you are just getting ready to launch your startup, you are probably looking for a coworking space. These spaces come with a lot of advantages, so there is no wonder that future predictions issued by gcuc speak about there being more than 5.1 million workers in coworking spaces by the year 2022 all over the globe. There are, of course, a few drawbacks of using such a space, and today we are going to debate both the pros and the cons of coworking spaces.

Advantages of Coworking Spacescoworking space

  • They help you establish a routine. These spaces allow you to get rid of all the distractions that usually make you procrastinate at home. Sleeping in or watching a Netflix series in the afternoon when you should be working is probably no stranger to you. Being in a dedicated workspace means getting into the right mindset and enjoying that structure you have been missing so far.

  • You can learn new skills. You will most likely find people with similar interests there. At times, you should even be able to learn new skills to reach your goals easier or complete your customer database with new prospects you have gained there.

  • Find more inspiration. Once you start surrounding yourself with people who are creative and stimulate your own thinking, your juices should start flowing faster and your work will improve significantly.

  • No need to furnish the place yourself. A coworking space comes with a lot of amenities, storage facilities, desks, computers, phone systems and everything else your business needs. You will be paying a fraction of the cost you would normally be charged for buying these amenities or renting an office space with all of these amenities included. You may even find fun and relaxing activities in a dedicated break room, and get to clear your mind before working on a new project. Dart games, mini golf, video games, or board games are all excellent ways of decompressing at the office. Of course, some people like to engage in other types of games, including casino games, bingo, arcade games or puzzles. Places like Australia Casino allow both new and skilled gamblers to test their favorite titles or brand new releases without having to spend a single penny or drive to the nearest casino. Free spin games and small stake, one-penny slot games are some of the most popular gaming options. If you like to play online slots, or you simply like the amazing atmosphere inside today’s virtual casinos that resembles the real brick-and-mortar atmosphere, you are going to have a blast. With live dealer roulette, poker or blackjack games, top graphics and cheerful gaming sounds and background music, you are prone to enjoy at least a few moments of pure fun and adrenaline. Your mind will relax, your work productivity will improve, and your business will have more to gain once you go back to work.

  • Encourage your staff to take advantage of the gaming room or the relaxing amenities your coworking space has to offer and start experiencing the positive effects.

Drawbacks of Using Coworking Spaces

Not Enough Privacy

Completely walled in office spaces usually cost a lot more than the regular options. If you are on a budget, you are probably going to choose the more affordable alternative. This, unfortunately, means you may need to work in a noisy environment filled with distractions. Some spaces do not have any sound barriers, which may interfere with your work calls or private meetings. If you simply cannot focus in a loud room, this may be a huge drawback for you.

Clash Of Personalities

Issues may arise when meeting with people with different personalities and visions of how their work should be done. You may also start small arguments regarding the space you are sharing. Be prepared for conflicts that may interfere with the regular course of your projects.

Competition Is Two Feet Away

You are very likely to run into similar businesses and competitors which could lead to some uncomfortable moments. However, you could also end up planning a new collaboration which will benefit both parties.

Limited 9 to 5 Schedule

A coworking space is normally available between 9 and 5. If you are a freelancer with a  flexible daily schedule, this may be a problem for you. If your business strives to remain flexible, these limitations will only work in your detriment.

Plus, if you wish to expand your business, you may end up paying a lot for the extra space you will need for your new employees.

All in all, these spaces are extremely convenient and the advantages of using them will almost always count more than their minor drawbacks. Get in touch with us and let us tell you what we can do for you.