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According to official US Census statistics, there is a steady growth in the number of Americans who work from home. Namely, more than 5 percent of workers stayed at home in 2017. That's around 8 million people. People are looking for more convenient and flexible work environments, and their homes seem to provide them with just what they need. Plus, the improved internet connections Americans can enjoy today is helping this trend grow constantly. Companies have a lot to gain as well, as they can retain their employees while lowering their expenses and even boosting productivity. Once employees can work at their own pace, eliminate various types of incidents such as disputes with co-workers or the stress of working in a crowded/loud workplace, they become more efficient, creative and imaginative.

They can also enjoy the opportunity of working from remote places, be it a favorite corner shop, a library, a sunny park, or a shared office and co-working space. Our NYC & Soho boutique shared office space can prove to be an excellent solution for freelancers and employees who work from home in the New York area. If you do not have a lot of experience working in a public space, you should check out these following safety tips.portable cable lock

People Are Unpredictable

This is a golden rule you are going to have to keep in mind if you plan on giving the freelance career path or the remote work a chance. Whenever you are walking down the street, on the subway or surrounded by fellow remote workers in a coffee shop or a shared workspace, you should be aware of the potential risks and hazards. While it is not humanly possible to avoid all known types of risks, you should do everything in your power to act as cautious and responsible as possible.

Practice mindfulness and stay present in the moment all the time, or as often as you can. It is easy to let your mind drift away uncontrollably, especially when you have a million thoughts going through your head. Make a habit out of quickly assessing the risks associated with any task or activity you are about to do so you are prepared to take the necessary safety measures.

Use your logical thinking and common sense and you should be able to accurately deal with different types of emergency situations. For example, have your co-workers' mobile numbers on speed dial so you can contact them whenever you need to handle a more complex problem you haven't encountered before. If you need to use the restroom while working from a public space, determine where and how to safely store your laptop and important papers, tablet, smartphone, keys, and other valuable items you might have on you. The shared workspace alternative is one of the safest remote work solutions, especially if you plan on renting our own small office or workspace you can lock whenever you need do. Locked storage boxes can also provide you with the protection you need for your personal items at the beginning of the workday.

Secure Your Workspace/Car

You can also look for portable padlocks and cable locks you can rely on to secure your bags and laptop when in public. Expert locksmith services like locksmithslocator can help you find the best types of locks for your home office or personal remote work needs. You should also check the locks on your car's doors and trunk and have your transponder key/key fob and ignition switch assessed for faults. Leaving your work laptop in your car while running a quick errand on your way to a coffee shop could end up with a car break-in and a stolen laptop.

Also, make sure you always carry a map on you, in case you run out of signal on your phone and you cannot use your GPS to find your way to your destination. Notify someone from the office about your plans and let them know where you will be and the time you should return. Have a well-established route and keep a spare key to your car somewhere safe so you can use it in case of emergency. Remember to keep the doors locked and windows rolled up whenever you are behind the wheel. Avoid picking up hitchhikers and use your phone to let the authorities know about a collision you spot on the road. Remember to always park your vehicle in well-lit and secure areas and inspect the surroundings before you are ready to get out of the car.