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Individuals working together is a practice that has been adhered to in businesses or organizations for decades in different types of industries such as film and television, education, construction, chemical industries, and so on.

It is important to note that there a very few sectors where an individual works alone or hardly cooperates with other employees. For instance, a security guard job.  Such working environments can create boredom for an employee and loneliness as described by Maslow’s hierarchy, social needs are crucial for one to reach self-fulfilment. You may be asking yourself, what is a co-working space?

A co-working space is a shared working space with others from the same company or organization or a completely different business. They usually cater to those who prefer not to work at home where there are a number of distractions such as family, children, and neighbours. These spaces usually have professionally-designed desks, meeting rooms, kitchens, and more. The environment makes workers feel stress-free as well.

Below are the benefits of co-working spaces.

1. Creativity

Working with others in a working space can creativity in the organization which leads to unique results as well as making the job more fun. By people grouping together to come up with different ideas, there is increased productivity. Co-working spaces create better opportunities for an individual such as a higher paying job due to an impressive CV. Furthermore, you are able to network with others. Who knows? By networking with other employees or even employers, one can end up collaborating on a project with another enterprise.

2. Efficiency

According to an article from the Harvard Business Review, people who use co-working spaces are prone to find their work significant and pleasurable. Not only do they find these kinds of environments cost-efficient, but they feel that they do not have to compete with other employees if it is an office environment that has several different companies. By lack of internal politics, they feel their identity is stronger and their work areas are unique and more intriguing. By being in a conducive environment, one can learn a number of skills from many people.

3. Accessibility

A co-working space is also accessible 24/7 rather than a home office for example where one has a family to worry about and pay attention to henceforth creating more job control. One becomes disciplined and they feel that they are part of a community as one can make friends too. Co-working spaces guide an individual as they provide social events, training programs, networking events, and summer camps. These events, especially summer camps, create a bond or a good working relationship between employees. In addition, research has shown that a well-made work environment and a well-organized work experience create higher levels of thriving due to liberty. For an existing organization, zero maintenance is required for the upkeep of the facility, and for the employee, flexibility, pay-as-you-go, and membership models are offered plus distinctive space areas from individual work stations to group spaces.

4. Flexibility

An organization does not have to be bothered about arranging desks or space optimization, as co-working providers do this for them. Therefore, the organization can focus on more important issues such as committing to improving the working conditions of its employees which is vital to running an efficient business. One who lacks experience in their own working profession can also gain knowledge about professionalism in a co-working space from others especially and those in authority as well. This boosts the new employee’s self-confidence and they feel motivated to get promoted to a higher job position.

5. Convenient

Co-working spaces are usually found within a city or central business district (CBD), close enough to restaurants/takeaways, supermarkets, and cafés that are convenient for workers to stop by and get food. This helps them in networking better. By allowing workers the freedom to be themselves in a co-working space, they become more committed to the business and they can bring in more new ideas. It is convenient as well for those who love to move around different areas in the space; experimenting whilst working. For a business owner, it allows them to get rid of self-doubt as they are surrounded by other entrepreneurs who can push and motivate them. They become more determined to achieve their business goals as they have stepped out of their comfort zone to immerse themselves in something they have never done before.


Co-working spaces have become a credible investment for even small businesses that it is quite impossible for a business owner to not consider such an opportunity.

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