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If you are looking for a smart and flexible location where you can focus on your study or work, nothing seems to fit your needs better than a coworking space. Still new to this reality? Well, a coworking space is a shared environment that you can access if you pay a membership. You can choose the best model and options of use and complete your membership process. Then, you can go, pick a desk, and start working or studying in all freedom.

sharing between coworking usersFreedom, Independence, Sharing

In the US, coworking spaces are diffusing very quickly especially in suburbs and metropolitan areas. The reason for such a large success is that coworking spaces offer a practical and functional environment for remote workers (freelancers, offshore employees, and more) who can’t or don’t want to work at home. Coworking spaces emerged in the early 2000s and they began to diffuse also overseas, in India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Europe.

When you are in a coworking space, you can pick a shared desk or a single-user desk as you prefer. You can use any device like printers, for example, plugs, and others according to your membership model. You are free to manage your time, your workflow, the way you want to work. For example, you may make friends with other users and start cooperation with them, you may want to ask them for help on something that isn’t properly under your competence but that can be in someone else’s knowledge.

When you are tired, you may take a break, go outside, eat something, or you can stay in, pick a movie or a game online, and have some entertainment before you get back to your work. If you are a sports enthusiast, you may already know, an emerging platform that offers convenient sports betting options as well as last-minute updates about multiple kinds of sports. According to recent stats, it seems that people in coworking spaces can reach a higher level of mental focus that makes things easier even when it comes to sports betting.

Did You Know These Facts About Coworking?

Currently, the coworking space industry is recording some of the highest outcomes ever possible. It’s becoming one of the most promising real estate investment as the number of users of coworking spaces is growing all over the world, in particular, in the most crowded metro areas.

We’ve gathered a few important facts about coworking that are almost unheard, oftentimes even by coworking space members. Here’s what we’ve found out:

  1. The word “coworking” comes from Brad Neuberg, who settled the first coworking space in San Francisco, US, in 2005. From there, the new reality began to diffuse all over the world.

  2. At the moment, the US top 10 cities for coworking spaces are:
    10. Denver
    9. Seattle
    8. Atlanta
    7. Washington DC
    6. Miami
    5. Boston
    4. Los Angeles
    3. Chicago
    2. San Francisco
    1. New York

  3. From the end of 2016 all through mid-2018, the total coworking space leased rose by nearly half in just 18 months. So, it means that this new reality is conquering a larger share in the global industry.

  4. Do you have a clue about how many coworking spaces are in the world? We’ve got the answer… it’s over 35,000! A sign that more people are looking for a membership at a coworking space.

  5. According to market projections, the number of coworking spaces worldwide is expected to grow more and increase of over 40% from 2019 on.

  6. Coworking spaces are mostly dedicated to remote workers, freelancers, but also one-person businesses and startups. Currently, the numbers tell that one-person businesses increased up to 20.4 million in 2005.

  7. It’s been calculated that at least 14% of employees at large companies choose to work from coworking spaces rather than from home or traditional office.coworking spaces

  8. The Asia-Pacific area is the world’s number one for the highest share of the overall office stock at 2.1%.

  9. Let’s come to a financial aspect – coworking spaces can help save 20-to-25% costs for work/study if compared to costs for working in traditional offices or at home.

  10. From a social point of view, 8 people out of 10 reveal that they feel less lonely since they work in a coworking space. The chance to see other people and make friends is always important.

  11. The concept of coworking and sharing isn’t to be referred to only physical devices like computers, printers, or others. It’s to be meant as a sharing of ideas, opinions, and knowledge that allow every single member to expand their competence.

Finally, over 60% of surveyed users of coworking spaces revealed that their choice has a positive impact on their productivity, workflow management skill, and work efficiency.