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The idea of a “virtual office” more and more is being used in the coworking industry. But what exactly is a virtual office?

A virtual office is exactly what it sounds like: an office from your computer. But ita��s more than that. Virtual offices allow you to use the NYC coworking space address for your business address, much more professional than that of a home office. You can utilize the amenities of the coworking space like printing, conference room time, and much more.A�

Here at Kin Spaces, we offer virtual offices starting at $600 per month. A�This allows you to have the prestige of a SoHo office address, where your business can receive all the amenities that any desk or office renter has access to, but the ability to work from home. You can maintain the privacy of your home, all while workingA�there, but also allows you to occasionally use the conference rooms and drop-in service when needed.A�This service is for you if you are trying to keep your costs down, yet want to portray a professional image, if you travel often and dona��t need regular access to office space, or if you want to work from home, but still have an office to meet with clients or customers. So join our virtual office here at Kin Spaces today!